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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester Annechien Gijbels19/Female/Belgium Groups :iconzigzagoonlovers: ZigzagoonLovers
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Hey you.

Random from My OTP

Deviants I know/have met IRL

In order of meeting them
SanShines, my little sister
Rosenhill, one of my first online friends ever
Goomuin, kashidom, Roxyrn, AbstracktBlack from the meetings of Vlaanderen in the summer of 2012
Merleee, together with Goomuin in the summer of 2013
Ymia-the-cheetah, my classmate since September 2013
Griwi, my beloved girlfriend since October 26, 2013
deadpillows on Japantag 2014 in Düsseldorf, together with Griwi
I hope to meet them again, and to meet many more others in the future :dummy:

To do & Awaiting

[ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] To-Do List by PrinceProcrastinate
BlackwolfSilverpaw commission (paid, not started)
Axactey commission (paid, not started)
Cloud-storm commission (paid, not started)
Xeshaire art trade (not started, part not received)
Shaded YCH's (Daodras, BarkInsane, FellowSharcar)
This does not include requests/gifts, personal art, and/or school art.

[ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] Waiting List by PrinceProcrastinate
Vohdka point commission (paid)
BlackLightning95 commission (paid)
Xeshaire art trade (part not received, haven't finished my own part yet)
I don't mind if you take a long time on your art for me! This is simply so I don't forget. Take any time you need!

You see me as a 

200 deviants said Girl
15 deviants said Other
12 deviants said Boy


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Closest friends

:icongriwi:Griwi - Xena
For obvious reasons. My closest friend, the person I talk to the most, who knows everything about me. The one who manages to pull me through daily life, as well as the subject of many of my drawings, while she also is a great artist herself. And of course my wonderful girlfriend c:

:iconhurtlove:Hurtlove - Glitch
Awesome friend whith whom I share many beautiful memories. And family characters. Despite everything, is still there when I need it. I hope we'll get the opportunity to meet one day.

:icongoomuin:Goomuin - Lennart
Some guy who uses way too many puns... but is still awesome. Always has great ideas for drawings and many more things. He's kind and helpful, and also that one person who is responsible for the fact that my's are never boring.

:iconymia-the-cheetah:Ymia-the-cheetah - Jaimy
Awesome person who has been in my class during the school year of 2013-2014, which is one thing I will greatly miss in my future schoolyears. Very nice to hang around and laugh with, but can also be very helpful. I hope we'll still meet up often in the future!

:iconxamashadowx:xAmaShadowx - Amako
A very loyal and great friend, who is very protective of those she cares about, but also has a silly side. Generally a very pleasant person to be around, not to mention a great artist. I hope we'll get the chance to meet up before you move to the other side of the world!

Griwi wants you to hear this

You loyal girlfriend left a song on your page :'D
It describes stuff better than I could type so yeah
just take that instead
I love you :heart:

Gone from the 21st to the 31st of July

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 20, 2014, 3:57 AM
Student Digital Artist

Comment Skin

Essential information:
- I will be gone from the morning of July 21st, 2014, until the evening of July 31st, 2014.
- Any activity on this account in the meantime will be either scheduled deviations (though as I write this I only have one in schedule so) or by my girlfriend Griwi who has access to this account and can come here to arrange things or something.
- I will not be replying to anything, return Llama badges, or even look at dA at all, until I am back.
- If you have art for me, it would be nice if you could link it too, in case the mention won't work. My inbox will be spammed when I return and I might miss out on it otherwise!
- I will be taking my phone along, but I have no idea if I can recharge it at all, so I'm going to have to be very very careful with the battery. As such, I will only use my phone to stay in touch with Griwi through text, not to browse the internet or anything.
- I might doodle on paper and scan them in after camp, but maybe I'll just take a complete break from drawing for 11 days. I kinda need it.

Not-so-essential information
Those who have watched me for a while might have noticed that I leave every year around this time (like in this journal or this one).
I'm in a Belgian youth movement called chiro and every year, we leave at the same day for 10 (technically 11) days to a place, either in Flanders or Wallonia, but it's always in a forest-y area and usually near a river, lake or pond. This year is no different :P
Each camp has a theme, too. Last year was The Smurfs, year before that was pirates. This year's theme is radio (mainly music and all). Which basically means that the silly stories behind games we play are based on that, and things will just be in that theme. :XD:
This year, like last year, I won't really be very close to anyone in the group, I guess. But at least this year I won't be constantly be peer pressured into stupid shit like drinking and choking on marbles, which is totally not dangerous as "only one out of six choked on it". Jerks. :stare:
Anyway, that aside, I'm not looking forward to it THAT much, but riding my bike, however heavy it can be through hills, will be fun for me, I love such things. Makes me feel alive :XD: I also like living outside for such a long time. We sleep in tents, so :P

Plus... I think I need a break from dA, and I absolutely SUCK at taking breaks myself.
It's not that I don't like my style, or anything - I have the least style crisises out of everyone I know :XD: I barely even think of my style, I just draw and don't think too much about it.
No, my problem is the fact that I feel pressured to post regularly in order to keep this account active and to have a regular flow of incoming feedback messages. I also just like to have an active account, I dunno. The problem is, I have owed art to do - which I am grateful for as I surely can use the money - but I can't always work on it properly. I am not always too motivated, I often can't find poses and all. So then I post personal art first, which is fun for me to draw, but I feel guilty about it because it's not commissions. So I try to work on them, but I can't. In the end I keep feeling lazy, bad and guilty, and art is like a chore, and I need to get away from this and just clear my head because now it feels stuffed with bad feelings about that.
I dunno, all I REALLY have fun drawing these days are Bienie, Griwi (and/or Ceiw), Bienie and Griwi together, or Rookan. Drawing my other characters is a chore. Drawing owed art is too. People tell me what I can improve on, tell me I should draw humans for example, and they're right yes. But I can't. I don't wanna force myself even more than I do now or I'll lose all the fun I had in art completely. I just need to get away from it for a moment. I can't take a break myself because these feelings make me return and keep the cycle going. So I guess a forced break might be just what I need - we'll see.

That aside, I guess this can't be so bad after all. The only thing I'll really miss will be talking to Griwi, since we'll be limited to a few texts a day and maybe a letter. But we'll make it, and in August we'll be having a meeting (which isn't settled right but but dammit, we're gonna get there anyway, no matter what).

So yea, I'll be online for the rest of the day, but tomorrow I'll be gone. See ya :)

red string of fate by LalaloraaWe two are Fluffy +commish+ by Spottedfire-cat{pc} spitfiresonice by winterei


Annechien Gijbels
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Daisypath Happy Birthday tickersPitaPata Cat tickers
My name is Annechien, but you can call me Bienie or Spits, too. My exact age is displayed on the picture above. I'm a graphic design student at Sint Lukas in Brussels. My hobbies are, obviously, drawing, reading, cycling and Chiro (which is a Belgian youth movement). I live in Belgium, Flanders to be exact. I'm a native Dutch speaker, but I speak English and French too. I can understand some German as well. (And Latin. ;)) I love animals and I enjoy Pokémon a lot. I have a little sister on this site, SanShines. Griwi is my girlfriend. B3

Webcam by electrikes! :la:

Important: Please read.
Do's and don'ts on my pageI've seen people get annoyed by certain things I don't mind and there's some things I do mind so I thought it'd be good to make a list like this. xD
You can
- thank me for faves, watches, Llamas. I don't mind. BUT. I'd prefer it if you only did so through comment (not notes) and only once a day. If I fave three pictures of you in a day there's no need to thank me three times, because then it gets annoying. Otherwise I don't mind.
- fave my whole gallery if you feel the need to do so. I'm honoured that you like my work that much x3 Of course I go "whaaat" when I suddenly have a lot of feedback messages but I don't get annoyed by it either.
- ask me to feature stuff when it's something important. Financial issues, school projects, someone needing help with a certain program, things like this. I'll see what I can do for you. I might not feature everything but if I feel like it's important I'll try.
- comment and favourite old deviations, I don't mind at all. :P
(Point and cash) commission prices (OPEN)EDIT May 24, 2014: Added MS Paint art!

About time I did this. If you don't read the rules and make a mistake afterwards, that is not my responsability.
Commission rules
- I take both points and Paypal, Paypal is preferred. IF YOU PAY WITH POINTS, READ THIS: You will pay through a commission widget so I can convert your points into money. However, it takes at least two weeks before I can actually access the points, and once I can they will be transferred to my Paypal ASAP. So if you pay with points and ask for a refund, this might take a while.
- I take payment beforehand.
- Don't rush me. If the waiting takes too long for your taste, you're welcome to ask for a refund. And I can be very slow, but I promise I'm not scamming you. I eventually will get around it, and if I really can't handle it you will be refunded.
- If something needs to be changed about the picture, if I made
Open Comms by EnjoumouOpen PComms by EnjoumouClosed Trades by EnjoumouNo Requests by Enjoumou
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